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Sookie Leotards
An American Manufacturer of leotards
classic styles for dance, cheer, gym and leisure

A custom upgrade for customers who want to add glitz and glam with rhinestones, sequins or embroidery.
Our embellishing division will apply your chosen designs to our styles in the location that you specify.  
Available in three Design Groups
: Rhinestones, sequins, and embroidery.
All 3 Design groups are appliques bonded to garment fabric utilizing a specified pneumatic heating process. Click below for more info. 
IF you need additional information please call (717) 228-2110 Monday thru Friday 8am to 5 pm EST.

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Applique Locations:
glitz location diagram

A - Right Arm
B - Center Neckline 
C - Left Arm
D - Waist Line
E - Right Hip
F - Left Hip
G - Right Thigh
H - Left Thigh
I - Right Leg
J - Left Leg
K - Right Ankle Cuff 
L - Left Ankle Cuff

M - Left Shoulder
N - Center Neckline
O - Right Shoulder
P - Waist Line
Q - Lower Back