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Sookie Leotards
An American Manufacturer of leotards
classic styles for dance, cheer, gym and leisure
About Sookie Leotards


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Sookie Leotards is an American manufacturing company specializing in the production of basic leotards and costume components.

Our products are manufactured made-to-order for specialty retail stores, costume manufacturers, instruction schools, civic organizations, and the exercise industry.

All fabrics, thread, embroidery, and trims used in our manufacturing process are produced by American mills. 

For 15 years our company has provided cut and sew services to the most prestigious dance and swim wear manufacturers in the world.

We are currently the largest cut and sew contractor for an industry-leading brand name American costume manufacturer.

In the past, we have provided service to world leading gymnastics and swim wear apparel manufacturers.

Through our relationship with these high-end manufacturers our service has made its way to The Olympics, College and Pro Sports.

Our manufacturing facility in Lebanon, Pennsylvania employs dedicated American individuals and is equipped with specialized industrial machines.

Our mission is manufacturing  products made with quality American components, skillfully assembled, and delivered on time to our customers at the lowest cost.

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